The entire intersection of Lee's Hill Rd/Blue Mill Rd/Village Rd/Glen Alpin Rd. is closed. Glen Alpin road is also closed going towards the intersection. Vehicles traveling on Blue Mill towards the intersection will only be able to turn right onto Glen Alpin. Vehicles traveling on Lee's Hill towards the intersection will only be able to turn right onto Village. Vehicles traveling on Village will only be permitted to turn left onto Lee's Hill. No vehicles are permitted to approach the intersection from Glen Alpin. This closure is due to wires down. JCP&L is on scene.

Today, the Governor signed a new law to update the recent law which prohibited parents/guardians from being notified when their children were found to be in possession of marijuana or alcohol or consuming marijuana or alcohol. The new law, which goes into effect immediately, states that a law enforcement officer SHALL PROVIDE the first written warning to the juvenile's parent/guardian. This is an important change when it comes to parental rights and the relationship our officers have with our community.

Parents/guardians should also know - with this revision, the legislation added more prohibitions for law enforcement. The new law states that when a juvenile violates the statute and either possesses or consumes marijuana and/or alcohol, law enforcement is prohibited to transport that juvenile "except to the extent that detention or custody at or near the location is required to issue a written warning...". This means that when a juvenile is found to be in violation, parents/guardians will be notified by our officers to respond directly/immediately to the scene of the incident.

There are several other aspects of this law which law makers are still attempting to "clean up". It is the hope of the Harding Township Police that the law makers will continue to amend and clarify the existing law so that it helps our officers and our community work together to protect our children.

Alert Harding: Spring Valley Road will be closed today from Blue Mill Road to Dickson's Mill Road for tree work. Please plan accordingly.