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1/30/21 7:35 PM - Winter Storm Warning

Harding Township officials met yesterday to plan for the upcoming possibility of a significant snow event starting Sunday/Monday and not concluding until Tuesday. This meeting included police, fire, EMS, DPW, Construction, and OEM.

We are currently under a winter storm warning with much uncertainty in forecasting. Forecast models released this morning still show some discrepancy on the snow start time. Some of the overnight model guidance continues to show a late Sunday evening/early Monday morning snow start, while other models suggest a dawn Monday start. Regardless of the specific start time, snow continues to be on the way.

We are seeing forecasts that suggest models for Morris County that show 10-18”. Please keep in mind that a subtle change in the track of this storm may have a significant impact on the timing and snowfall totals listed. In addition, most models list a “uncertainty in snowfall forecast with a low confidence regarding where the heaviest snow amounts will fall.”

We will be monitoring the updated forecast data, with the plan to provide another update tomorrow. In the meantime, planning is KEY since we know that we will be impacted by the storm regardless of the ultimate snow totals. In addition to the snow, it is possible that we may experience peak wind gusts of 40-45 mph during the long duration event.

Please stay warm, be safe and start to prepare!

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